Hong Kong Baptist University

University Student Visa Application System


  1. If I have more than one academic qualification, should I upload each supporting document in separate files?
    No. Only one file would be allowed to upload for each item. Please combine your documents into one file before uploading.
  2. I can’t log in to my account. What should I do?
    The System is only accessible upon your acceptance of the offer (normally a week after the University’s receipt of all required documents and payment). If you already registered an account before and forgot your password, you might register the account again and new password will be provided to you.
  3. Why is my document rejected?
    For disqualify documents, email would be sent to you for asking re-submission. You might refer to the stated reason for rejected document in the email. Should you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us.
  4. Will I be notified after successfully submitting my online visa application?
    An auto-email will be sent to you for acknowledging the receipt of your online submission; you will be notified by email for provision of documents in due course, in case there is any missing/reject document.
  5. Is there any document I need to submit in hardcopy?
    Yes. Except for uploading to University Student Visa Application System, you are required to mail the Original Form ID995A to the University; Please remember to enclose the Cover Page when you return the Original Form ID995A to the University; otherwise your application might not be processed.
  6. Will I be notified when my application is sent to the Immigration Department?
    Yes, if both of your hardcopy & softcopy documents are fine for submission, an email would be sent to you for notifying that your visa application is going to send out to Immigration Department.
    Please be noted that student visa application normally takes at least 2 months to proceed after sending to Immigration Department. When your application is approved by the Immigration Department, you will be able to view your visa status in the Online Application System for Admission to Postgraduate Studies (OAS). If there has been no update in OAS after 2.5 months since we sent out your application to Immigration Department, please contact us.
  7. Is there any file size limit for my upload document?
    Yes. The maximum size for each upload file is 2MB.
  8. Is there any file type limitation for my upload document?
    Yes. Only .jpg or .pdf format would be accepted.
  9. Will the delivery address on University Student Visa Application System replace the previous address I provided in my application?
    No. The delivery address on University Student Visa Application System is solely collected for the purpose of mailing visa/entry permit label. If you wish to update your address in University record, you are required to update your personal information via the University’s online portal – BUniPort, or contact us, after your registration date.